Emvitet inspiring at HITC

1. HITC workshop on deployment 19th of november 2019

HITC organized the seminar on Disseminating new learning ecosystem for education, based on student-centered learning, competence-based education, collaboration and networking in digital environments to introduce to the leaders of faculties in HITC about what HITC group studied in Finland for study visit at HAMK University

The contents of this Seminar are:

  • Digital pedagogy in student-centred   learning
  • Implementing student centered   learning in company co-operation
  • HAMK Tech Edu Company   cooperation in practice
  • Assessment & Competence-based   assessment in EMVITET
  • Moodle Digital Platform introduction
  • Eportfolio Digital Platform introduction


2. HITC and HVTC workshop 5th and 6th of December 2019


The Contents of this workshop introduted by HITC include:

  • Digital pedagogy in student-centred learning
  • Discussion for HITC situations: How to apply digital pedagogy?
  • Implementing HITC and Company co-operation for Food technology major
  • Implementing HITC and Company co-operation for Metal cutting technology major.
  • Discussion about co-operation “How to build connections”
  • Digital platform guidance, How to apply in HITC , Discussion
  • Introduction to ePortfolio,How to apply in HITC, Discussion
  • Active learning in big group

3. Multimedia room in innovating teaching methods for Online teaching at HITC

Emvitet project for educational technology 4.0, Ho Chi Minh City Industry and Trade College (HITC) has built and installed a fairly modern multimedia room to serve the teaching and scientific research work for school officials, lecturers and students. This multimedia room was officially opened and put into use on February 24, 2020.

Online teaching room is a tool for school teachers to compile online lectures, conduct online teaching here and meet online.

The following are the most common equipment installed in multimedia room at HITC:

  • Projector: Overhead Projector, Slide Projector, Data / Video Projector.
  • Audio equipment: Handheld Public Address System, Compact Disc Player, Microphone, Multi-channel Audio Mixer, Tabletop Power PA System, Audio Tape Recorder, Power Amplifier Speaker with mic and line inputs, Record Player Turntable.
  • Video: Data / Video Projector, Video Cassette Recorder, Video Camcorder, TV / VCR and Cart, TV & VCR combo.
  • Other devices: Computer, Network Devices, Printer, Tablet, Lights, Mobile Station, Smart Board, Easel Stand, Extension Power Cord, Laser Pointer, Portable Projection Screen, Two-Wheel Dolly.


Active learning activities

a. Think-Pair-Share using digital tool (Kahoot)

– The course of Automatic Control for Mechanical students: Pictures captured from the lectures and class activities


– The course of Pneumatic technology for Mechatronic students:

b. Project-Based Learning

– Mechatronic project developing and defense:

– Vietnam Robofight Competition 2020:

Online teaching:

a. Using Google classroom for teaching

b. Using Zoom for online meeting and teaching:

5.  Workshop – Apply VNPT E-Learning, Zoom & Google hangouts meet for Online course at HITC

In order to support lecturers to better understand the form of online training, contents related training, as well as the construction and implementation of effective online classes, Ho Chi Minh City Industry and Trade College has just organized a training course on online teaching methods for teachers of the whole school. The training course attracted more than 60 teachers and teachers from units in the school.

Picture 1. Mr.Nguyen Tan Thang introduce about E-Learning & Online teaching methods

HITC’s online form of training using technology via computer networks, with direct instruction from teachers, available tools to support teaching, learning, and evaluation of the system, HITC lecturers exchanged and discussed enthusiastically how to use online teaching software such as Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, E-learning, etc. Difficulties arising from the process of logging into an online learning system, creating courses and putting students in the class, how to divide groups of students, add resources to the course, create an essay and multiple-choice tests, … are also guided in detail at the training.

Picture 2. Mr.Ho Hoai Nam trains Zoom software for HITC teachers

6. Online meeting

A lot of online meetings have been organized in order to give weekly news share knowledgeable information specifically competence-based and student-centered learning. Aside from that EMTIVET members shared do’s and don’ts when teaching online with our teachers (DO THIS, NOT THAT – Alison Yang). They agreed about most things and took immediate action.

Picture 3. Host for online meeting

7. EMVITET PROGRESS (27/Feb-15/Apr)


No. Topic/Activity Time Notes
1 Training using LMS VNPT


12/Mar/2020 60 lecturers participated this event
2 Applying Zoom for online teaching

27/Feb/2020 60 lectures joined this training session
Advisory board for the following online courses: Electronics Technology and Power Electronics
20/Mar/2020-now 80 students and 4 lecturers joined these courses
4 Utilizing digital tools for online teaching (VNPT LMS, Zoom, Filmora 9 Editor) 06/Mar/2020 5 lecturers were in this meeting





No. Topic/Activity Time Notes
1 Be trained using LMS VNPT, zoom


12/Mar/2020 The first time using
2 Applying Zoom for online teaching

10/April/2020 50 students and 6 colleagues joined this class
3 Learning more about digital tools and apply those in designing lesson for online teaching


4 Researching how to encourage the student in doing teamwork and how to control and test their working with online teaching 20/Mar/2020-now


9. Cooperation with company

–          Connect with the company in Building curricula (16 companies).

–          Establishing council for designing training program.

–          Workshop with company, General Department of Vocational Education

Apply VNPT E-Learning, Zoom & google meet for Online teaching;


Due to several concerns about how to study online via Zoom and VNPT system recently, here are some instructs to help both instructors and students:


  • Sign in to the Zoom desktop participants and stay signed in through class session (the session code will be shown on HITU website)
  • Check the Internet speed. If you’re on free Wifi you may need to keep your camera off to improve the quality.
  • Turn your camera on and have your camera at eye level
  • Stay muted unless you’re talking to reduce background noise
  • Make sure you sit in a well lit and quite place with formal suit

With VNPT e-learning system

Basically, enter the link provided by lecturers to sign in the system without installing. Personal IDs and passwords given by instructors before class. Keep in mind to change your own password right on the first logging in to protect your account and note it down because it’s very complicated.

VNPT e-learning system is adapted to interact between instructors and students. After the class session on Zoom, all the homework, assignments and maybe tests will be posted on online classrooms. Therefore, lecturers could score and leave the comments on each file.

Study online or face-to-face learning both requires actively involving in the learning process. Moreover, part of subject will be taught at school when the school re-opens. To ensure students still receive enough knowledge as in a physical class, faculties and teachers come up with our best effort in order to motivate you to study at home. So, try you best and we can all get through this together.