o       Recruiting students.
o       Academic Affairs.
o       Managing the issue of certificates and diplomas.
o       Planning training areas and training management.
o       Assist the principal with strategies of development and training.
     -          Total: 07
     -          Tel.: 08 37312370
     -          Email: phongdaotao.ces@gmail.com
     -          Manager: Bui Manh Tuan
o       Diploma: Master of Engineering
o       Mobile: 09138388162
     -          Vice Manager: Nguyen Anh Tuan
o       Diploma: Master of Engineering
o       Mobile: 0908313184
o       Email: natuan4791@yahoo.com
     -          Staff:
o       Nguyen Thi Hai Yen: in charge of managing and issuing diplomas, study report.
o       Le Thi Thuy Hang: in charge of subject register, managing certificates.
o       Hoang Duc Minh: in charge of managing the schedule, documents.
o       Hoang Manh Hung: in charge of training areas, documents.
o       Ho Van Thai: in charge of computers and LAN (Local Area Network).
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